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Children’s Yoga Classes: Samadhi Kids!

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Another fun-packed few weeks of our Children’s Yoga course at Samadhi Kids has now come to an end. The first course was a steep learning curve trying to get a balance of teaching the children about yoga and making it fun at the same time and so this second course has been about refining this balance as well as encouraging them to focus more during relaxation and I definitely feel we managed to do this.

The lessons are a lot of fun for me to teach and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to tap into my own imagination and creativity in making the yoga classes both informative, yoga-centred, fun and relaxing all at the same time. I really do feel this happened over this course and I am really pleased with how all the lessons went.

As some of the children have been with me since the classes started in January I am also getting to know the children better and their personalities are shining through that much more and with this solid base it has been easy to welcome in new children who have seemed to slot in nicely and embrace everything we have done together.

The benefit of running the course as a series of 5 weeks rather than as a drop-in class ensures that the children always have familiar faces around them and this helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere and allows them to feel more at ease within the class.

My intention for this second course was to make sure the children were able to focus more during relaxation as the energy they bring to the room each week is so incredible. This may in part be due to it being held on a Friday at the end of the school week which would account for the high level of excitement and enthusiasm but obviously being a yoga class I also want to ensure they learn how to relax and be calm and that they are able to experience this with me and then take this home with them.

offer peace

I received a lovely testimony from one of my mum’s which I feel sums it all up:

Both my children now go to the children’s yoga class. I get the privilege of being able to sit in on these as my son needs me there to help keep him focused. Wow what can I say Emma deals brilliantly with the different energy levels every week!! The children can start off very hyper but then they’re nice and chilled by the end (which again is a bonus for me as they go to bed nicely). These classes are so much fun for the children as Emma interacts with them in a fun way. They play games. When doing different positions they’re done in a child friendly context and in a down to earth manner. Which allows the children to respond willingly. Well done Emma keep up the brilliant work!!!”

Kidz Yoga

Classes will recommence after the Easter holidays and we will be going on a “Journey around the World”. This will run as a 5-week block starting on Friday 20th April and ending on Friday 18th May 2018. Cost for the 5 weeks is £25 (payable in advance to secure the place).

The class runs for 45 minutes at Becket Sports Centre in Dartford from 6.00pm to 6.45pm and is aimed at school aged-children from 4 to 11 years (reception to year 6). 

For more information or to book your space please contact me by phone/text on 07932 621415 or via email at


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