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What Clients Say

I have been blessed to have met so many amazing people through my teaching and healing work and many of them have been kind enough to leave me some feedback. Here are just a few of the kind comments:

Myself and my husband have been going to Emma's classes for a few years now and we're so pleased we found them when we moved to Crayford and didn't know much about the area. We are both in our mid-sixties and believe Emma has been instrumental is keeping us supple and fit in both mind and body. She makes everyone welcome with her friendly smiles and infectious giggles and her inclusive teaching ensures everyone enjoys the best practice they can.

Susan Millard

Emma is a shining light, she is kind, caring and genuine and is truly dedicated to sharing her love for yoga. I really enjoy the classes and look forward to them every week.

Brenda Shelley

I have been going to Emma's yoga classes for a few years now, both at Beckets and Europa gym. I enjoy every minute of them. Every class is different with a lot of thought put into each session. Emma is an excellent teacher and has a lovely personality which adds to the enjoyment of the class. Would highly recommend

Julie Snelgrove

I started yoga with Emma around 4 months ago and her class is one of the highlights of my week - she's a fantastic teacher and lovely person to boot; helpful, understanding and patient. Emma offers levels within poses to cater to all ability levels and shows a lot of care for her students who may be suffering ongoing aches-and-pains (such as my knees!).
Emma also covers the mindful side of yoga as much as the physical practice, and her class sometimes feels like the hour in the week I allow myself to not worry or dwell on things and to look after myself in mind and body - something I didn't realise I wasn't doing before starting the classes! The classes are themed and always feel like they have been thought out well in advance!

James M

I've been going to Emma's class for a few years now and it's great - the right mix of balances, breathing and some moving around to get nicely warmed up! The Friday class is a good way to end the working week, and chill out for the weekend!
Emma's lessons were also lovely whilst I was pregnant and she made special adjustments. I was even able to attend right up to a few days before giving birth, and I now have a yoga baby who enjoys doing his downward dogs!

Anna Jahn

I can’t recommend Emma’s classes highly enough!!!!! I was looking for a local class for a long time and found the few classes around tended to focus on the physical aspects of yoga (stretching etc) but Emma’s classes are holistic and look at all elements of yoga - I’ve learnt so much and have fallen in love with yoga all over again, finding I can go deeper into my practice than ever before.

Emma is passionate about yoga and this is infectious - her friendly, caring and fun approach is reflected in the fun, supportive and encouraging vibe of the classes.
All levels of interest and ability are catered for in an enjoyable and non competitive atmosphere with lovely people.

Each class is thoughtfully and creatively put together with great care, each has different themes and influences so one class is never the same as another. If trying yoga for the first time I would really recommend trying a few classes as each offers something new.

Emma always advises on practice, offers levels of progression and takes care to cater for any individual needs. She advises on suitable modifications to ensure that each class is an offering that is suitable for all, enabling everyone to progress on their own journey, at their own pace, as suits them at that time.

The classes are always evolving too - for those who wish to take things a little further... Emma has offered retreat days and extended sessions usually aligned with the Lunar cycle which are incredible. The first time I went along to Emma’s 2 hour Autumn Rejuvenation morning I was worried I wouldn’t have the stamina to last however the session seemed to finish too soon and I felt I could do another 2 hours!! That encouraged me to try the retreat day which was blissful!!! Again, it flew by but gave us the chance to experience yin yoga and an amazing sound bath with Emma’s new moon gong and singing bowls. Not to mention the chance to really relax into extended savasna!! It was amazing to take time out to enjoy this in such a friendly and ‘safe’ environment.

Emma is always consciously developing and considering feedback from her students and looking to add popular elements into our practice so that everyone benefits from this whether we choose to attend a weekly class or delve a little deeper.

I really would encourage anyone and everyone to come along and try a few classes- there is always a warm welcome !! 

Natasha Pullin

I have usually had to travel a fair distance to find a good yoga practice, but was very fortunate to find Emma's web site whilst searching for local classes.
Emma's notes and observations on the web site immediately interested me, and I have now been attending regularly for 3 - 4 years (where has the time gone?)
From the first class Emma was approachable, listened to what I had to say, and has an uncanny knack of introducing the right postures to a class to assist my mind, body, and spirit.
I try to attend classes twice a week, and no two classes are repetitive, even if following a theme , of which there are many. I particularly like the way classes are structured around the seasons, cycles, and chakras.
Classes are as challenging as you want to make them, with Emma offering layers and variations on to postures for yogis to try. The class caters for all levels of experience, and there is no pressure within a class to compete. Classes are also friendly and welcoming, and I feel blessed to have made some good friends within the class. You can also ask questions and Emma has taken time out of her own busy schedule to research my queries and comes back with balanced and insightful feedback.
Thank you, Emma.

John Holland

Just had the best Reiki session ever from Emma. I was bit stressed etc. but now I have no back pain, no stressful feeling and feel light and full of energy. Thank you Emma xx

Peachy Lee

I have been receiving Reiki treatments from Emma on and off for a few years now to help with the after-effects of chemotherapy on my body and to keep me balanced post-chemotherapy and cancer treatment. I call this therapy my quiet time – laying on the table, comfortable and sometimes having certain crystals placed around the areas of the chakras . I close my eyes and almost immediately fall off to sleep. Not a deep sleep, more a twilight sleep. When I first started coming for treatment I found it difficult to close my eyes, as I wanted to see what Emma was doing but now am instantly relaxed. The session usually lasts about an hour but feels like 10 minutes and when woken up, I always feel very refreshed. Would recommend to everybody.

Edward Turner

I can highly recommend Emma. I felt comfortable and thoroughly relaxed after the session and will definitely return.

Nicola Hodges

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