About Me

Hi, I'm Emma and I am a qualified & experienced yoga teacher, Reiki Master-Teacher, certified personal trainer and life coach. I am also a mum to two beautiful teenagers - my daughter off at University and my son at secondary school.

I began my working life as a freelance translator and proof-reader and then life took me on a different path in my 30s when I felt the calling to teach yoga.

I discovered yoga in my mid-teens but started practising more consistently in my twenties. After attending an inspirational yoga retreat in 2012 when my children were young I realised that yoga was a way to find peace inside despite the chaos of everyday life. I went on to complete a foundation course in yoga studies after which I undertook my initial 200-hour yoga teacher training. 


The highlight of my yoga journey thus far has definitely been my stay at a Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, South India a few years back. With every day being devoted to meditation, chanting, yoga practice and study, it was a truly immersive and authentic experience.

Since qualifying to teach yoga in 2013, my journey has continued to take me in a number of varied wellness directions. In addition to delving deeper into my yoga studies with various further trainings, I also qualified as an Usui Reiki Master-Teacher in 2016 which was the start of my exploration of healing. I have also completed training in Angelic Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique. In addition, I have been exploring the power of sound as a mechanism for healing and deep relaxation and have trained as a Gong Practitioner, undertaken training in Reiki Drum Technique as well as an exploration of singing bowls.


This past year I have taken a slightly different route layering on with Diplomas in Life Coaching and in Mindset Coaching and most recently I have qualified as a Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer following on from a Fitness Instructor qualification obtained several years ago. This additional study has been a natural progression for me in terms of my own personal journey exploring physical and mental health and wellbeing but also as part of my desire to help people to feel better about themselves, to feel happier in life as well as with their bodies and to feel more in balance mind, body and spirit.

My hope is that from somewhere within my varied toolkit of fitness and wellness modalities, there is a way that I can help anyone who feels drawn to connect with me. For more details about any of the above offerings, please see my Services page.

Om Shanti.