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Reiki Drumming

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What is Reiki Drumming?

Reiki Drumming involves the use of a Shamanic Drumming technique in combination with Reiki. The combination of Reiki and Drumming is a method of using the drum to introduce Reiki energy into a person’s energy field in order to bring about deep relaxation. This works to release deep seated tensions and bring the body back into balance as the drum rhythm reminds the body of its optimal vibration.


Research has indicated that even drumming for a short period of time can induce a state of aware relaxation or “alpha state”, those brainwaves associated with wellbeing and euphoria. On a physical level drumming in studies has shown to alter neuro endocrine and immunologic response in a person facilitating a sense of peace and relaxation. Scientific research demonstrates that cortisol levels and blood pressure readings are positively altered, natural killer cells are more active and research indicates that drumming aids the production of endorphins, assisting in pain control. On a spiritual level, the vibrations of the drum beat encourage mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies to realign and chakras to become balanced, resulting in emotional and mental harmony. Our consciousness shifts and we are able to reach our true spiritual selves.


A Reiki Drum Healing session lasts one hour (including brief chat at the start and end) and comprises two parts, about 20-25 minutes of drumming to start with followed by normal hands on Reiki for the second part. We can work with a particular healing intention, with a mental/emotional reprogramming technique - which helps to reprogramme negative mental and emotional patterns - or with reiki drum journeying which allows anyone to get away from their mental chatter, expand their awareness and consciousness and help you to find answers to personal questions.

Sessions take place in my home is Dartford (DA1) and cost £45.

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