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Summer Holiday Dates & Classes

With everyone gearing up for the summer holidays and people already starting to get away and also asking me about my teaching dates over the summer, I just wanted to update with my holiday dates.

I will be teaching all yoga classes up to (and including) Friday 11th August 2023. As my Zoom class is a smaller class this 'might' be subject to change if lots of people are away but I am planning/hoping to run them as long as there is enough interest and I would update if a class wasn't running. If you are a regular Zoom yogi please do let me know if you are going to be away/not intending to join in August.

There will be therefore be no yoga classes from Monday 14th to Monday 28th August 2023 (28th is a Bank Holiday so our venue will be closed). I will, however, be running a replacement class on Tuesday 29th August for any students who are able to make it. This will be at the same venue at Dartford Girls Grammar School from 7pm to 8pm as usual. My first Wednesday class back will be on Wednesday 30th August and my first Zoom class back will be Friday 1st September.

For details of all my classes please click here

If you wish to continue to practise with me while I'm away don't forget I have an extensive collection of videos on my website available to rent or purchase (including download). I also have a YouTube channel with a selection of videos for free.

Hopefully I will continue to see many of you over the summer, always good to keep that balance between being active and enjoying rest.


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