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Women's Health

As a woman in my forties, women's health is an area of personal interest (and direct relevance) for me. Even though my own "babies" are both teenagers now, I can still help guide you safely through the pre-natal and post-natal phases and I have qualifications to reflect this. In addition, I am heading towards the peri-menopause phase myself and feel very strongly about helping to ease this period of transition for women in their 40s and 50s going through perimenopause and menopause and out the other side. As such I have undertaken studies in exercise strategy to support this life stage as well as nutrition for menopause. Nutrition and exercise really do go hand in hand so if you feel inclined to connect with me I will do all I can to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.
I have also studied pelvic floor health which is actually relevant to both the pre and postnatal stages and to the peri and post menopause stages so I am able to advise on strategies to maintain optimum pelvic floor health throughout a woman's life.
If you would like an exercise programme or nutritional advice related to these stages please do feel free to contact me.

Women's Health Specific Qualifications

  • Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga Teaching Diplomas

  • Exercise Strategy for Perimenopause to Post Menopause 

  • Nutrition for Menopause 

  • Pelvic Floor Awareness