Zoom Yoga Classes

I know I’m a little late to the party but following a positive response on social media regarding my hosting yoga classes via Zoom, I have decided to give it a go. I am going to start tentatively with a hatha yoga class next Wednesday morning (9th September) which will run from 9.45am to 10.45am. This start time should hopefully give people plenty of time to get organised and fit in the school run if need be and time enough to come home, have a cuppa and get set up!

I will be available online in the Zoom meeting space from around 9.30am if you want to log on a little earlier and get settled and iron out any technical niggles. Cost for the class is £5.00 (bank transfer is preferable) and if you want to book your space just drop me a message to emma@samadhi-yoga.co.uk or via my Facebook page. Please note you can use remaining class credits for this and any subsequent Zoom classes.

Once payment is received and your space booked I will send you a link to the “meeting” which has the ID and passcode required for this specific class and that’s it. You don’t even have to sign up for Zoom if you don’t want to, you would only have to click on the link and it would take you through to the class space – open from 9.30am on that day. Any queries please ask and please mention any health concerns at the time of booking.

If you are new to my classes I would need you to fill out a health questionnaire for me which I can email you and return by email before the class.

I know that not everyone who expressed an interest in my running Zoom classes would be able to attend a morning class or maybe not even a Wednesday but I will just give this a try for now and see what the response is.


  1. Emma great to know you doing Zoom yoga classes. Unfortunately i will be unable to make your Wednesday morning classes due to having to work at that time. I already do zoom yoga classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings. If you start doing evening classes hopefully it will be Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evenings. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cindy 🙂 I’m just testing the water with this first class, I’m not sure how I feel about teaching via Zoom yet but happy to give it a go. If I teach an evening class in all reality it will be a Monday but it sounds like you’re doing plenty as it is.

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