Zoom Yoga Class Recordings – UPDATED

Just to let you all know that as of last Friday 2nd July, I am now recording our Zoom yoga classes each week. Please be aware that the recording only focuses on my screen and does not record any students during class. I tried for the first time last Friday and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. The picture and sound quality are both good – not professional of course but I guess just the same as what you see when you join me over Zoom (the photos in this post are screenshots from the class recording).

I wanted to start recording the sessions as a way of offering these classes to students who are unable to come on the day but who may still wish to do the class for that week. In addition, this means there is access to more regular varied content for anyone who has been using my Youtube or online videos but who can’t make the live classes and who might want to do extra classes with me.

Out of fairness to my students who join me “live” I would still charge the same amount of £5 for the link to the session – and also any students who attend the class itself can have free access to the link if they wish – just message me to let me know. I will be uploading these Zoom recordings to my YouTube channel but via a private link only – they will not be visible publicly. Once you have purchased the class I will send you a link where you can access this class online.

Anyway, just something different for anyone who might be interested moving forward. If you would like a link to a class just email me at emma@samadhi-yoga.co.uk 🙏

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