Yoga: “the closest thing to an anti-ageing pill”

Yoga guru: Glynis Barber credits yoga for helping her to stay young and supple

Take a look at this woman. This is Glynis Barber, an English actress made famous back in the Eighties in the hit TV crime series Dempsey and Makepeace. She was a pin-up three decades ago and look at her now! Can you believe she turns 58 next month!?? I saw her on a dance show currently airing here in the UK called Stepping Out and couldn’t believe my eyes, even my 10 year old daughter thought she looked stunning. I took straight to Google to see how old she is and was amazed, especially as I remember watching Dempsey and Makepeace when I was my daughter’s age. And do you know what she credits her amazing youthful appearance to? You guessed it, yoga! Hurray! There is hope for all of us yogis. If this is what ageing looks like in yoga terms, bring it on!

Glynis has credited yoga with helping her stay young and supple in body and apparently discovered yoga back in 1984 to help her look good when she was starring in Dempsey and Makepeace and has been practising ever since. She has even launched a yoga DVD with yoga guru Howard Napper aptly called “Anti-ageing Yoga Secrets”. She says:  ‘It’s very strengthening and incredible for flexibility. There’s nothing more ageing than being stiff. I’ve been in classes with women much younger than me who are creaking and moaning and they look 90 years old. If you’re flexible and can move your joints freely, it’s very youth-making. Exercise is the closest thing to an anti-ageing pill.”

Well, I was already convinced about yoga, but looking at Glynis, wow, what an inspiration to keep on keeping on!

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