Upcoming Schedule Changes

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Upcoming Planned Training Weekends

I just wanted to highlight that I have 2 training/study weekends coming up end November and start December which will affect a couple of my Friday classes. I have been giving out information in class and details of any scheduled changes are included under Term Dates on my website but I just want to be sure everyone is aware of these changes to save coming to a class when not running. The following classes will be affected:

  • Friday 24th November: There will be NO Friday evening class on this day (my Monday and Thursday evening classes will still be running so there are still evening opportunities this week).
  • Friday 1st December:  There will be NO Friday morning or evening classes on this day (all other classes will be running this week so my Friday students are welcome to come to any of my other classes).

These are the only scheduled changes in the lead up to Christmas. As for end of term dates, classes will definitely run up to and including Friday 15th December 2017. If there is sufficient interest and numbers attending class reflect this then I may run a few classes the following week, however, I will consult with my students and make a final decision nearer the time.

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