Tonight’s Class is Cancelled

Apologies to anyone who was thinking about coming to yoga tonight (Monday 13th) but I am having to cancel this class for this evening. I have only actually had one firm booking for the class although I know people do sometimes book on last minute or turn up if prepaid but unfortunately something has come up which means I have clashing commitments for tonight.

Seeing as I hadn’t heard from anyone else specifically about tonight’s session and that I saw a lot of possible Monday attendees at the workshop yesterday I thought it might not affect too many people to cancel tonight’s session. No problem for my morning classes this week. Sorry again 🙏


  1. Would like to say what a truly relaxing experience. Nice to be back with you. Would love to attend next one in the future. If you could kindly let me know. Im not on Facebook book.
    Once again thankyou so much.
    Love janice. X

    1. Thank you Janice, was lovely to see you again after all this time. I will certainly let you know when I am next running a yoga day xx

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