Summer Update – Pre-recorded Zoom recordings

It has been brought to my attention that perhaps those of you who do not use Facebook or Instagram might not have been aware about my Summer teaching update, apologies if that is the case. Please do note that you can see my Facebook posts here on my website without needing to have a Facebook account and if you click “follow” by my Instagram posts here it just leads you to my Instagram page with no need to have an account – it won’t mean you are following my Instagram.

I basically uploaded a video to social media last Sunday letting everyone know that unfortunately the internet connection here in Wales is not strong enough for teaching over Zoom as it is too intermittent. I did, however, record two videos via Zoom prior to leaving for my holiday which are available to purchase.

The video for the week commencing Monday 16th August is focused on releasing tight hamstrings and the one for the week commencing Monday 23rd August I called “Relax – End of Summer Vibe”. Both are available at a cost of £5 each and I will send you the link to the recording once purchased.

If you would like to receive the link to the recording please email me at or text/Whatsapp me if you have my number to let me know.

Classes will resume live over Zoom after the bank holiday weekend on Wednesday 1st September.

See you soon!




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