Summer Holiday Plans

I have already tentatively mentioned my plans for the summer to my yoga students joining me over Zoom but I just wanted to pop something here as a point of reference.

I will be going away with my family from Friday 13th August to Friday 27th August, travelling out and back on the Fridays. If the internet connection is strong enough when I’m there – just travelling out to South Wales – then I intend to offer at least a couple of classes over Zoom. I thought it might be fun to take you all on holiday with me and teach from a different location. However, I don’t yet know whether the connection will be good enough so I will only know once I’m there. I will do a test run when I arrive and then let you know that first weekend whether or not it will work.

If the connection isn’t strong enough for Zoom then I do intend to film a new sequence for each week that I am away so that if you do wish to continue your practice with me while I’m away (and if Zoom isn’t possible) then there will at least be one new sequence available for each week.

So one way or another we can continue to practise together and there will be new themes over those two weeks.

My last teaching week before I leave will therefore include only the Monday evening session (9th August) and the Wednesday morning session (11th August). Unfortunately we are leaving early on Friday 13th so I can’t fit in my Zoom class, however, should my Friday yogis wish to have a new session for that week then I will be recording my Monday and Wednesday classes so these class recordings will be available.

There will be no reason therefore for your practice to be disrupted and Zoom and class recordings aside, I do still have my YouTube classes and my online videos available.

I will keep my fingers crossed, however, that I can still teach you when I’m in Wales, but I will update my Facebook, Instagram and here on my website to let you know what my intentions are that first weekend that I arrive.

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