Spring Awakening Yoga Day Retreat – March 2019

Sunday 24th March 2019 – 10.30am to 4.30pm

Hot off the heels of our Winter Yoga Day I will be holding my next retreat day around the time of the Spring Equinox. Also known as the Festival of Balance and Potential, the Equinox represents a point of balance when light and dark are in perfect balance bringing balance, union and harmony into our lives. It also signifies the return of the light, the warm air and the Earth awakening after a long winter, all encouraging us to listen to what is yearning to come forth and blossom within us. This makes it the perfect time to come together as a group to celebrate the arrival of Spring through our yoga practice.

We will start our day together with a more “yang” Hatha yoga class in the morning to get our energy up and warm our bodies. A Hatha practice includes elements of flexibility, balance, strength, breathing, meditation and relaxation and is a more active practice although still accessible to all abilities. We will then take a short break for lunch together for which I would ask that you bring your own lunch with you. I will, however, be providing various teas, coffee, juices as well as biscuits and nibbles for everyone to enjoy. We have access to a kitchen so there will be a fridge there if anyone needs to keep their lunch in the fridge!

The afternoon session will include a little chanting to introduce us to the idea of kirtan as a practice of Bhakti yoga. This is a short introduction to a practice that I love and which helps to connect us as a group. Regular attendees to my yoga days have grown to love and embrace this part of the day and I am so happy to have been able to share some of my favourite chants on these days thus far. We will also explore some pranayama (yogic breathing) techniques and a relaxing and restorative “yin” yoga session where the emphasis is more on deep stretching and release and is generally a more mindful practice moving slower, holding postures for longer and mostly composed of seated and supine postures.

At the end of the day we conclude with a sound bath where I use my various instruments, including my Gong, Quartz Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, my drums and chimes to transport you to a place of deep bliss and relaxation and to a new level of consciousness that helps you to disconnect and relax into yourselves. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a sound bath then this is an immersive vibrational experience of pure sound which feels as though you are being “bathed” in sound waves and vibrations. The frequencies and sounds of the Gong and the singing bowls cannot be predicted by the mind so it slows the brainwaves into a meditative Theta State which can be a blissfully therapeutic experience. In reality though, the best way to understand it truly is to experience it!

The structure of these days has evolved over the last year or so and I try to add a little something different each time so that we all keep learning and growing but in essence the whole day is structured to allow for plenty of “you” time and peace and quiet away from your otherwise busy lives. The idea is also to use the various practices available within yoga to support you during these seasonal transitions so that you leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The cost the day is still £45 (early bird until Sunday 3rd March 2019 after which point it will increase to £50) and you can find full details of what to bring, the location of the venue, contact details, terms and conditions, etc. on my dedicated yoga day page. These days do tend to get booked up quite quickly and we are limited to a maximum of 27 people attending. At present this day is half full. Hope to see some of you there! ૐ


  1. Hi Emma,
    I would like to book a place on the Spring Awakening Yoga Day in March. Shall I just transfer the money?

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