NEW Samadhi Tots! 5 week Yoga Course for Parents and Pre-Schoolers

Samadhi Tots

Now that I have finally taken the plunge with setting up a Children’s Yoga Class for primary and junior age children I am also going to be testing the waters with a 5 week yoga course for preschoolers aged 2 to 4 year olds accompanied by their parents/caregivers.

This will run at my current daytime venue Europa Gymnastics Centre on a Wednesday morning 10.45am to 11.30am as a trial course of 5 weeks starting on Wednesday 17th January 2018. The sessions will be about connecting with your child, having fun and enjoying learning the foundations of yoga through imaginative play.

Yoga is so beneficial to children of any age and in my opinion the earlier you introduce them to yoga the better! In a class of this nature we would introduce key yoga postures to help with balance, coordination and flexibility (both yours and your child’s!) but presented and approached in an age-appropriate way combining this with music and movement and importantly creating an environment of non-judgement with no expectation as to whether your child would be able to hold a yoga pose or even to sit and listen. There would also be quiet time where we can look at gentle breathing exercises and tools for relaxation that you can put to use in your home environment too as well as enjoying relaxing together and connecting.

The cost of this 5 week course will be £25 (£5 per session) payable in advance. Places will be limited in order to ensure there is plenty of room for movement. Please contact me for details on how to book your space or if you have any further questions. You can drop me an email to or call me on 07932 621415.

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