Samadhi Kids! Next 5-week block starting 23rd February 2018


With the current 5-week block of Children’s Yoga Classes coming to an end next Friday (9th February) I am starting to think ahead to our next 5 weeks which will commence on Friday 23rd February and which will run for 5 consecutive weeks until Friday 23rd March 2018.

Despite having led many Family Yoga Workshops over the last few years, teaching a Children’s Yoga Class has been a different experience altogether and what an amazing learning experience this has been. Training as a Children’s Yoga teacher can only prepare you so and so much, the real learning comes from hands-on experience and what I have found over the last four weeks is that each week has been completely different. We had a full house this time round with 18 children booked onto the course but for various reasons some children have been missing one week or another so the dynamics and energy in the room each week has changed according to who was present and as a result I have seen different parts of the children’s personalities shining through on different weeks. Some days they have been crazy energetic, some days they have listened more, some days relaxation has come easier than others and I have had to adapt to their varying energy levels each week. What it has done, however, is to show me in no uncertain terms what does and does not work! It has really come together over the last two classes and I think I have discovered just “how” they want to learn yoga!

It really does feel like a privilege to share yoga with this age group – in this particular group I have had children from 4 years to 11 years so the full spectrum and their needs at the different ages are quite different but they all have joined in and hopefully had some fun and learned about yoga along the way.

I have introduced them to the “OM” mantra, we have included a mantra-mudra meditation “Sa Ta Na Ma”, we have gently explored various breathing exercises, they have enjoyed my “magic bowl” in relaxation and my lavender eye pillows too (although one week these sparked a little too much excitement and ended up being thrown around the room!!) and we have also explored a whole range of yoga postures, linking these to animals and to nature and the world around us. The children have been incredibly impressive with their balance, flexibility and strength and I have had many headstands shown to me, crow arm balances and one girl with a foot behind her head! They have been eager to show me their yoga poses and to join in and have fun exploring the way their bodies can move.

Daisy upside down

Children are natural yogis but it hasn’t all been serious yoga, we have played some yoga games and engaged in exercises to connect us as a group which they especially seemed to enjoy and I have just started introducing some partner work too.

There is so much more I want to explore with them so I am glad there has been enough interest in this first course to allow me to run another one.

As we had a full group this time round I am offering “priority” booking to current students until Friday 9th February in order to allow them to continue their yoga journey with me if they wish and after this point I will open booking out to any new children who might be interested in having a go at yoga.

The cost for the 5-week block is £25 (payable in advance to secure the place). I run this as a “course” rather than on a drop-in basis so that there is consistency and continuity which has been key to the development of the children in the current course and has given them a chance to connect and feel comfortable with each other as opposed to changing who is there each week.

The class runs for 45 minutes at Becket Sports Centre in Dartford from 6.00pm to 6.45pm and is aimed at school aged-children from 4 to 11 years (reception to year 6)

For more information, to book your space or register your interest please contact me via email at or by phone/text on 07932 621415.

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