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Doing yoga at home means pyjamas are acceptable attire!!

A lot of my students have asked me about my intentions regarding teaching online and the possibility of live streaming and I am so grateful that so many of you are interested in continuing to practise with me in a “virtual” way and I really do appreciate your ideas and suggestions. I do have to say, however, that I have to find a way to interact with you all that will allow for the fact that I will have my two secondary-school age children at home with me full-time, the youngest of whom I will be responsible for guiding during school hours, and in addition I also don’t have a dedicated yoga space, instead I have a very busy, active house complete with my two fur babies (cats) and my other half also having to work from home! Things are very “real” in my house!

Downward dogs in the living room? Why not!? 🙂

I also know that many of you will have your children at home with you and keeping to a fixed schedule/time slot on a given day may not in all reality be feasible despite the best intentions. I have explored the idea of live streaming but I feel that while an exciting concept it simply would not be practical neither for me nor for many of my students considering time restrictions and also technological limitations and hiccups. My YouTube channel is set in place to offer free content and I also intend to film some sequences that I will add to (and which can be accessed) via my Online Classes page  on my website, using Vimeo as the platform. This will be paid-for content and will cost less than a regular class and will be available, via a password, for indefinite use at any time that suits you. I will keep the content varied and interesting and you can pick and choose what may or may not be of interest to you. I hope to get another sequence added to YouTube next week (I added a new Yin Yoga sequence this week already) and the first of my paid-for sequences added to my website as soon as I can to see if that is of any interest. This scenario has obviously come out of the blue and with my children being at home too it will take a little time to get things up and running to a deeper degree. Thank you so much for your support and patience.


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