Hatha Yoga Classes

These are the Hatha Yoga sequences that I currently have available. Please see my Online Classes page for more information about how it all works. If you are looking for Yin Yoga sequences please click here.

UPDATE: For those of you who have purchased the videos just click on the thumbnail image of the class to access the video. This will open up to the Vimeo page where the videos are hosted. This will make it easier and clearer to make sure you have selected the correct video and less cumbersome on this page. 

Chakra Yoga Series:

I have recorded seven 50 to 60 minute yoga sequences which correspond to each of the seven chakras. To access the chakra yoga videos please click here.

Sleepy Stretchy Hatha Yoga Sequence

This is a 35 minute Hatha Yoga sequence that is perfect for when you are feeling tired, lacking in energy or maybe you just want to do a gentle yoga practice that will really help to get you back into your body. This class focuses on seated, low and supine postures that will deeply stretch your muscles and create ease throughout. A wonderfully nourishing and relaxing sequence. Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.


Yoga Sequence for the Lower Back

This is a 50 minute Hatha Yoga class that I have sequenced to help release tension around the lower back. There are no standing postures in this class as we focus on deep release through stretching. All postures are therefore seated, kneeling or laying on your front and back. This practice is perfect for those times when your lower back is feeling a little tight or sore and you just know it needs easing out. It would also be suitable for when you might be experiencing general lower back pain. It can also be used as a sequence to simply keep your back healthy and to show your lower back some love! Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.


Energising Flowing Yoga Sequence

This 35 minute flowing yoga sequence will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. It will get your heart pumping, build heat throughout your body, take your joints through full range of motion and by moving a little more fluidly through the postures, you will connect with a little more flow in your practice. Ideal for when you want to get your energy levels up and feel energised. Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.