Hatha Yoga Classes

These are the Hatha Yoga sequences that I currently have available. Please see my Online Classes page for more information about how it all works. If you are looking for Yin Yoga sequences please click here.

UPDATE: For those of you who have purchased the videos just click on the thumbnail image of the class to access the video. This will open up to the Vimeo page where the videos are hosted. This will make it easier and clearer to make sure you have selected the correct video and less cumbersome on this page. 

Chakra Series: Muladhara (Root) Chakra

This is a 60 minute Hatha Yoga sequence all about grounding ourselves and exploring postures, including a Moon Salutation, to open and balance the Root Chakra. This Chakra represents both physical and emotional grounding and stability and the stronger and more stable our roots the better we are able to weather life’s storms. Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.




Chakra Series: Svadisthana (Sacral) Chakra

This is a 60 minute Hatha Yoga sequence which incorporates movements that stimulate the lower abdomen, hips and pelvic region all of which relate to the energy of the Sacral Chakra. This is the Chakra that governs relationships and how we relate to others and is also the centre of sexuality, emotions and creativity and can become easily blocked by repressed emotions. By stimulating this area of the body we create ease and space on a physical level that helps to open us up emotionally too. Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.




Sleepy Stretchy Hatha Yoga Sequence

This is a 35 minute Hatha Yoga sequence that is perfect for when you are feeling tired, lacking in energy or maybe you just want to do a gentle yoga practice that will really help to get you back into your body. This class focuses on seated, low and supine postures that will deeply stretch your muscles and create ease throughout. A wonderfully nourishing and relaxing sequence. Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.




Yoga Sequence for the Lower Back

This is a 50 minute Hatha Yoga class that I have sequenced to help release tension around the lower back. There are no standing postures in this class as we focus on deep release through stretching. All postures are therefore seated, kneeling or laying on your front and back. This practice is perfect for those times when your lower back is feeling a little tight or sore and you just know it needs easing out. It would also be suitable for when you might be experiencing general lower back pain. It can also be used as a sequence to simply keep your back healthy and to show your lower back some love! Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.




Chakra Series: Manipura (Solar Plexus) 

This is a 50 minute sequence in which we are tapping into the energy of the Manipura chakra through a series of core activating postures. Opening with an energising breath, Kapalabhati, the sequence continues with an exploration of postures including Navasana and Surya Namaskar B to connect us to our core self, building to our peak Bakasana, or Crow pose. This chakra represents your fire centre, your seat of personal power and as such we will be creating strength and power through our practice. Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.




Energising Flowing Yoga Sequence

This 35 minute flowing yoga sequence will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. It will get your heart pumping, build heat throughout your body, take your joints through full range of motion and by moving a little more fluidly through the postures, you will connect with a little more flow in your practice. Ideal for when you want to get your energy levels up and feel energised. Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.




Chakra Series: Anahata (Heart) Chakra 

In this 50 minute sequence we are exploring a series of heart-opening yoga postures to open and balance the Heart Chakra. By activating this chakra and creating space around the heart centre you open yourself up to compassion and love for yourself and others. As the centre point of the seven main chakras, this energy centre is said to be where the physical and spiritual meet and thus stands as a gateway between the lower physical chakras and the upper spiritual chakras and is where love and peace reside.





Chakra Series: Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra

In this 50 minute class we are exploring yoga poses to energise our fifth chakra. Our Vishuddha chakra is located in the area around the neck, throat, jaw and mouth and as such a practice to activate this energy centre incorporates poses, including Ujjayi breathing, Shoulder Stand (with alternatives offered) and Fish Pose which help to open and stimulate these areas. This is the first of the spiritual chakras and relates to your ability to express yourself, communicate with others and to speak your truth without fear. It resonates with your inner truth and helps you find a way to convey your voice to the outside world. Suitable for all abilities.