October Half-Term Break


We are fast approaching the close of our Autumn term of yoga classes with just one more day of teaching this Friday 18th October (no class on Thursday as mentioned in the previous post). As always time seems to be flying by almost as quickly as the evenings are drawing in!

Thank you to all those of you who have joined me thus far this term. After having taken an extended break over the summer some of the classes have been a little quieter than usual, however, equally we have had a lot of new students joining us too so ultimately it all balances itself out as it is supposed to do. We also enjoyed a wonderful Autumn Yoga Day Retreat timed to coincide with the Autumn Equinox and that was such a lovely day of yoga and sound and again I would like to extend much gratitude to all those who shared this day with me. It was wonderful to have such a blend of new and familiar faces and I am very much looking forward to our Christmas Half-Day Retreat in December.

We now lead into our October half-term break which I have taken to coincide with my children’s school holidays. Both my children started new adventures this September with my son now at secondary school and my daughter moving into sixth-form and as their schools have a longer half-term break so this is reflected in my own break from teaching. This enables me to devote myself to my children entirely over this period. I will therefore be taking a break from Monday 21st October to Friday 1st November inclusive during which time there will obviously be no classes and then yoga classes will resume on Monday 4th November and continue for a 6 week term to Friday 13th December inclusive.

Please remember that all class passes purchased this term will expire on Friday 13th December and there will be no extensions to passes or refunds on unused classes as per the new class pass system I set in place this term. There is still, of course, plenty of time to use your class passes between now and the end of term.

While I am taking a break, should you wish to continue with your yoga practice at home and perhaps don’t know where to start I still have a few yoga classes on my YouTube channel which you are most welcome to use.

Do join me this Friday if you’re able, I have my 9.30am Hatha Yoga and my 10.45am Yin Yoga classes running at Europa Gymnastics Centre and I also have my Friday 7pm evening class on at Becket Sports Centre.

Wishing you all a relaxing break and I will see you all again in November.

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