Notification of Price Changes for Classes from April 2019

I have always been conscious of wanting to ensure my yoga classes are affordable and in this way making them as inclusive as possible. This is why, in addition to the option to pay on a drop-in basis, I also offer discounted class passes. However, I am at a point now where living costs are increasing all around me (as we all well know) and as I haven’t increased my class prices for 4 years (they have been the same price since 2015) I feel that I now need to increase them slightly.

With this in mind, from April 2019 my drop-in cost across ALL classes will increase to £8. This is the current drop-in cost for my Men’s Yoga Class so it will bring all my class prices into line. The drop-in cost for those over 60 years will increase to £7 and the drop-in cost for under 18s will increase to £5. As I still want people to be able to afford to practise with me I have ensured that this increase is still competitively priced for the local area.

There are, of course, savings to be made if you attend my classes regularly with my discounted class passes. From April 2019 my 5 class pass will increase to £35 (£7 per class) and I am extending the validity slightly to 10 teaching weeks (£30 for over 60s)  and my 10 class pass will increase to £60 (£6 per class) with validity extended to 15 teaching weeks (£55 for over 60s). This is just a 50p increase per class with a 10 class pass (with a £2 saving off the standard drop-in rate) and/or a £1 increase per class with the 5 class pass (with a £1 saving off the standard drop-in rate).

I know you that you will all understand why I am having to increase my prices as people have been asking me for ages if I am still charging the same amount and don’t forget the savings to be made with a class pass if this works for you.

Prices will remain the same for the remainder of March so as to give a little lead-in time for adjustment and for those who wish to buy their passes before the end of March. ૐ



  1. Still the best value in town, don’t think there is any yoga lessons for £5.50 . 👍👍😊😊💕💕

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