New Yoga Classes Online

This week I have created three on demand yoga classes that are now available for purchase on my website via my Online Classes page. The idea of providing these classes is to allow those of you who wish to continue (or to start) practising yoga with me specifically to be able to do so from the comfort of your own living rooms. In these current times of social distancing this is a great way to feel connected and to keep your bodies and minds healthy.

My intention is to offer new classes each week which will be suitable for all abilities unless otherwise specified. The range of classes available will thus build over the coming weeks and you can simply pick and choose which classes are of interest to you and you can also practise at a time that suits you.

There are more details regarding how this works on the Online Classes page but in essence it is a very simple process.

This week I filmed two Hatha Yoga classes, one focusing on grounding yourself through a Root Chakra class (this will be the first of a series of Chakra yoga classes) and the other a sleepy, stretchy Hatha Yoga class suitable for when you are feeling tired or lacking in energy but still want to enjoy a yoga practice. I also filmed a Spring Yin Yoga class focusing on the liver and gallbladder meridians that will help you to release unwanted stagnant energy and open to Spring. More information about these classes is available on the Online Classes page.

I hope these classes will be of interest to some of you and hopefully bridge the gap until we can all be together in class again.




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