New Sacral Chakra Yoga Class Online

An image from the Sacral Chakra class

An exploration of the Chakras has always been at the heart of my own yoga practice, teaching and classes which is why I wanted to make them a part of my online on demand classes. I uploaded a class on the Root Chakra previously and now I have just filmed and uploaded a class exploring the second chakra which is the Svadisthana, or Sacral, Chakra. If you are interested, you can find links to all my classes via the Online Classes page.

This particular yoga sequence incorporates movements that stimulate the lower abdomen, hips and pelvic region all of which relate to the energy of the Sacral Chakra. This is the Chakra that governs relationships and how we relate to others and is also the centre of sexuality, emotions and creativity and can become easily blocked by repressed emotions. By stimulating this area of the body we create ease and space on a physical level that helps to open us up emotionally too.

If this is an area of yoga philosophy that interests you and you want to learn a little more I did in fact write a whole series of articles exploring each chakra, or energy centre, in turn and which have proven to be very popular over the years. You can find the article relating to the Sacral Chakra here.

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