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I’m pretty “present” on all forms of social media- you kind of HAVE to be these days I guess and I manage this on a day-to-day basis: twitter, Facebook, instagram, etc. I guess you all know the score but I have to say I have found the most interaction – or rather the way people find me most – is through my website. So I have decided to introduce a “NEWS” section to my site as a point of reference for anyone who might be interested in the developments in my yoga teaching, new classes, etc. I have enjoyed starting this and that way I don’t have to bombard people’s Facebook News Feeds with my news too often but instead can keep the website up to date.

I have taken the liberty of including my August news so far here as an intro as to what I am doing with this new page. Thanks for reading!


I have been asked by a lovely and extremely experienced yoga teacher (40 years teaching and counting under her belt!) to cover her Wednesday class on a fortnightly basis starting from September. The current students are mostly older students so I imagine I will be offering a slightly gentler class which would be perfect for older yogis or those with health conditions, etc. We’ll see though- they might be up for more of a challenge- who knows!? 😉

Tao Porchon-Lynch is a 96-year old yoga teacher. Age is no barrier to yoga!!
Tao Porchon-Lynch is a 96-year old yoga teacher. Age is no barrier to yoga!!



Have just been approached to host a yoga class as part of a special well-being event for IKEA next month. Will be quite a large group and an early morning stint. Might pick up a few bargains while I’m there 😉

Corporate Wellness Yoga Isabelle Du Soleil


12/08/2014: YOGA FOR RUNNERS

Excited to have been asked to teach a Yoga for Runners class for a local Dartford-based running group called So Let’s Go Running on Friday evening this week. So pleased so many have shown an interest as I have a full house. I can’t wait to introduce them to all the benefits that lay in store for runners who introduce yoga into their weekly exercise routine.

Running and yoga



Just back from a lovely family holiday to Mauritius and ready to get back to teaching. Classes recommence this week from Friday 15th August at 9.30am at Europa Gymnastics Centre. For more information regarding my classes and my summer timetable in general please click here!

Yoga in Mauritius

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