New Moon Yoga and Sound Bath


I held my first New Moon Yoga and Sound Bath in October to coincide with the New Moon in Libra on 19th October. I had the idea to run it simply as a way to offer something “special” before the lead in to taking a break for the half-term holidays and also because quite a few people had been asking me about bringing my singing bowls and Gong into class after having been introduced to them on my yoga retreat day at the start of the month.

It turned out to be a very popular event and while I did try to limit numbers to keep the room comfortable it did end up being busier than planned but ultimately all we really need is mat space and I was happy to include everyone who had wanted to come and also happy that I didn’t have to turn anyone away which I never like to do if avoidable!

In addition, the “first” of anything is always a bit of a test-bed as it were, for me to see how to set up within a new space, to see how the energy feels bringing my instruments in with me and how they would sound in a different space (compared to our retreat day venue for example) but all in all I am happy with how it went and how it was received.

It also felt auspicious to tie it in with the New Moon which is the theme I had been building the week’s classes around and then to lead from our usual hour-long yoga class into the sound bath. Everyone seemed nice and relaxed, eye pillows and blankets in place, nice and warm from our asana practice and also from the closeness of the busy space and from where I was sitting I couldn’t see much fidgeting which is always a good sign during relaxation!

I had lots of nice feedback at the end of the session and it just felt nice to allow those who had enjoyed the wonderful vibrations of my singing bowls and Gong on my retreat day to enjoy them again and also to allow people to experience them for the first time and be introduced to the positive healing energy that these instruments bring.

I will run another session like this again but no date fixed as yet. I want to keep them as something we do “now and then” to keep them special.

That being said sound healing, in its various guises, is something I am continuing to explore on a personal level and I will continue to share it with you in my offerings. ૐ

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