My Monday 7.30pm class and current booking situation


I have had a “weekly advance booking” system in place since July this year due to the number of people interested in attending this class outweighing the space available. Running the class in this way has meant that people wanting to come have been able to pre-book their space and thus be guaranteed a place on the night.

However, with the start of my new Thursday evening class quite a few of my Monday yogis have found this Thursday slot suits them better and as such the Monday evening class has become a lot more comfortable in terms of numbers.

I have discussed with my regular Monday yogis about removing the requirement to pre-book their space, however, the majority now prefer to have their space guaranteed and have become used to this system so I will be leaving the option to pre-book in place.

However, for the last 6 weeks there have been spaces available each Monday, including cancellations on the day itself, so for those of you who prefer not to book a space too far in advance you are more than welcome to drop me a quick text on the day itself to check availability (on 07932 621415) and I will get back to you asap to confirm your place.

Hope this helps!

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