Mindful Yin Yoga Class Cancellation for Friday 28th September

Apologies to my Friday morning Mindful Yin Yogis but unfortunately I have to cancel tomorrow’s (Friday 28th September) 10.45am Mindful Yin Yoga class as I have to take my cat to a specialist veterinary hospital. She has been diagnosed with feline lymphoma 😥and so we have to take her to a 12pm consultant appointment tomorrow. It was booked for today but unfortunately has been changed last minute to tomorrow. Apologies to my Mindful Yin students! On a positive note, however, I do intend to continue with my Mindful Yin Yoga Classes as we have been having renewed interest and it has been quite well attended so we will continue with this class on an ongoing basis.

Please note I am still teaching this evening 6pm at Beckets, tomorrow 9.30am at Europa and 7pm at Beckets tomorrow evening as usual. Thank you for your understanding! 🙏🙏

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