Living and loving yoga: a little background

Handstands on the beach

I truly believe that you come to yoga when you are ready to receive it into your life. It’s one of those things that you can’t “force”. I see this when I speak to people about how much joy it brings to me: in some people’s faces you see a curiosity and you know it will be their time soon and in other people they just stare back at you blankly, like you’re slightly mad! Either way, it’s okay, it’s not the right time for everyone but everyone would benefit…

I have been “into” yoga for as long as I can remember- starting when I was a teenager borrowing a book my parents had bought to accompany a BBC TV series “Yoga for Health” (which remains on my bookshelf right now). An “on and off” home practice ensued for many years thereafter with occasional yoga classes fitted in here and there. The most dedicated period of yoga practice in my life, however, was during my twenties and particularly when I was pregnant with my first child. I practised yoga throughout my pregnancy and attribute this practice to the fact that I had an enjoyable pregnancy, a smooth childbirth and was back into my pre-pregnancy jeans as soon as my daughter had “popped” out. It was also a wonderful bonding experience particularly once she started kicking – I knew she was benefiting from my practice as much as myself and it felt like a wonderful thing to be doing and sharing with my unborn child.

Once my daughter was born and life got a whole lot more hectic (particularly when my son arrived a few years later!) I carried on with yoga in my life as something I dipped into when I needed it and then last year following a wonderful yoga retreat, my passion for yoga took on a whole new dimension and became a part of my life in a much bigger way and that’s why I’m here!

I am on the path towards becoming a yoga teacher which is a very exciting time but also frustrating. I want to immerse myself in everything to do with yoga- I am loving the practice, the philosophy and the peace that this brings to my otherwise hectic life, I want to delve more into pranayama and meditation and yet all these desires have to be balanced with my work and role as a mother.

I am hoping to use this blog as a means to express myself and explore the myriad aspects that make up the wonderful practice of Yoga.



  1. I still remember the days when I had no intention of even trying yoga, back then it looked strange and was against my family’s belief system. So glad I found my own path in life and I am very happy to say that today yoga is a big part of my life, as well as meditation 🙂 Loved the post btw!

    1. Thanks for reading my post and for your comment. Glad you found yoga 🙂 I would love to explore meditation a lot more. We are studying it on my course but it is not the main part for now. I am trying to fit it into my life but not so successfully at the moment- have to make do with the snippets we do in class for now xx

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