I started a You Tube channel a few years ago as a means of connecting with my students outside of class and to give them opportunities to continue their practice from class into their homes as well as during the holidays or when I am away.

My channel has a mix of longer and shorter yoga sequences and at the moment (November 2021) I am currently adding videos every day for a 30 Days of Yoga Challenge.






  1. Hi
    I am falguni living in Wilmington. I am looking for yoga class for my kids they 13th year old
    Thank you

    1. Hi Falguni, thanks for your message. Teenagers are welcome to come to my evening classes – I would recommend the first time with an adult, although at 13 they should be okay unaccompanied if they wish. The Friday evening class – 7pm at Beckets is probably the best one being a bit earlier although I do also have a 7.30pm class on a Monday evening also at Beckets. Emma

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