I started a You Tube channel a couple of years ago as a means of connecting with my students outside of class and to give them opportunities to continue their practice from class into their homes as well as during the holidays or when I am away. While still only a humble channel I am hoping to continue to add more yoga tutorials and classes as time goes on. I have included a few videos here as a sample but if you click through to YouTube itself you will find some more and the viewing quality may be better. The next video I am planning to add is a Yin Yoga sequence. Please be aware that this is not professional filming and as such not professional quality, this is just me setting it up with my camera!

The video below is a 40 minute practice that was designed to support the energy around the time of the Winter Solstice, however, it can be used at any time as a standalone sequence:

This video is a general 45 minute yoga sequence:

Funnily enough my Parent and Child sequence is by far the most popular video on my channel which is so wonderful to know! A lovely accessible sequence about 25 minutes long that you can enjoy with your child/children – guest starring my own son:


    1. Hi Falguni, thanks for your message. Teenagers are welcome to come to my evening classes – I would recommend the first time with an adult, although at 13 they should be okay unaccompanied if they wish. The Friday evening class – 7pm at Beckets is probably the best one being a bit earlier although I do also have a 7.30pm class on a Monday evening also at Beckets. Emma

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