February Check-in

First and foremost, I wanted to send Imbolc Blessings to those of you who follow me here. We are now at the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox at a point when the Earth is no longer still and the life force is starting to stir. Known as the Festival of Awakening, Imbolc nurtures the spirit of renewal and encourages us to embrace the light and the lengthening days. It is such a positive time in the year when we can begin to look ahead to Spring and to our energy increasing.

Secondly, I also wanted to check in with you all as I don’t tend to update my website content as much as my Instagram or Facebook. I hope you are all well and continuing to adapt to life in the situation we find ourselves in at present. Even though the exact nature of our personal situations may be different, I think to a certain extent there is a comfort in our having a shared experience and knowing we are all in the same boat.

I have been fortunate to have been at home throughout this experience and to have my children and partner safely at home working and studying, however, we have all undoubtedly had our fair share of physical and emotional challenges over the past year.

For me, my primary concern has to be for the welfare of my children. I feel so sad that they are having what should be a time of freedom, fun and adventure taken from them and instead are stuck in their rooms without peer interaction and glued to their computers. Feels so unfair when I contemplate my own childhood which was full of fun and adventure. On the other hand, however, I have to acknowledge gratitude that they are safe and well. So there is this constant pull between missing the freedoms that we used to have and the need to express gratitude for being safe and well.

I am sure you can all resonate with what I am saying. I guess it comes down to this, as long as we are safe and well, everything is fine and will be fine. We just need to keep focusing on the bigger picture, that as a collective, pulling together, we will get through this and make it safely together out the other side.

With this in mind, finding ways to focus our energy positively is key, i.e. finding ways to keep ourselves sane, let’s face it! For me, having a weekly connection with my students is definitely one factor that is helping me maintain both structure to my weeks and a sense of connection with the outside world and I am so grateful for this. I am so pleased also that a regular dedicated group of yogis has formed in both my classes and also that previous students from my classes are still finding me and joining me via Zoom. I am getting such wonderful feedback about the Zoom sessions and I am so appreciative of how generous people are with their words of kindness. I never take it for granted and it means so much to me how kind you all are. I also love the pictures you send me from time to time! Here are the most recent ones:





In addition to teaching yoga via Zoom I have committed to practising meditation and my own yoga practice everyday. I always practise yoga regularly but my commitment to a daily yoga practice has lapsed a little especially as I have been running regularly in order to get outdoors more and likewise my regular meditation practice has lapsed so I am renewing my commitment to a daily practice starting with February and then continuing forward. Knowing what to do and doing what you know you should do doesn’t always go hand in hand even if you’re a teacher! Sometimes we all need a little reboot and I feel positive that this will be a good kickstart and set the year off in the right direction. My daughter even decided to meditate yesterday so I guess anything we can do for ourselves that is positive will have a good influence on our children too. We can but hope.

For now, sending blessings for good health and happiness to you all. Namaste.







  1. Thank you for this, the perfect pep talk and refocus I needed.
    I really do wish I had more availability to join your classes, as I really do miss you and your teachings.
    Unfortunately being an intensive care nurse has definitely had its struggles of late, but to be reminded that spring, longer days and rejuvenation of energy is on it’s way makes me feel blessed.
    Stay safe and look forward to seeing all your lovely faces on Zoom soon!
    Sam x

    1. Glad it helped Sam! I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it has been for you 🙁 but I guess the same idea of finding ways to stay positive apply to everyone. Self-care will be super important for you even though time might be limited I guess, but prioritising your own well being so that you are able to look after those around you is crucial. The move towards Spring is always a positive one, the return of the warmth and the longer days and light definitely fills us with more energy, more life force and connecting with the idea of the Earth awakening is such a support, a natural boost. Take care and stay safe you too xx

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