Autumn Rejuvenation Yoga Day Retreat – October 2018

Autumn Rejuvenation Yoga Day Retreat

Sunday 7th October 2018 – 10.30am to 4.30pm


[Update 13/08/18: FULLY BOOKED. Cancellation waiting list now in operation]

I am holding this yoga day retreat around the time of the Autumn Equinox as it always feels auspicious to hold these “group” events around these times of seasonal transition. By staying close to the rhythms of nature we are reminded that we are part of a much bigger picture and we also get to benefit from the high energy around these transitions in the year particularly when we come together as a group with a shared intention.

The Autumn Equinox represents a point of balance between the Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice. Autumn is thus a period of transition from the more “yang” and active summer months to the more “yin” and slower winter months. In itself it is a “yin” season as everything starts to slow down. All around us change is clear to see in this season: changes in weather and in nature, days become shorter, rhythms shift and we begin to move towards a more mellow, softer time, encouraging us to look inwards and reflect.

The precise structure of the day will evolve over the coming months but I will use the various practices we explore during the day to support this seasonal transition and to help us leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The day will include a mix of warming yang and soothing yin yoga practices, pranayama, meditation, chanting (just a little bit!), a sound bath with Gong and Tibetan singing bowls, relaxation and anything else I can dream up between now and then!

Similar to my previous yoga day retreats I would ask that you bring your own lunch with you, however, I will be providing various teas, coffee, juices, water as well as biscuits, nibbles and healthy snacks, etc. for everyone to enjoy. We have access to a kitchen so there will be a fridge there if anyone needs to keep their lunch in the fridge!

There is also a beautiful “meadow” adjacent to the hall so weather permitting (?) there might be an opportunity to get some fresh air together.

As with previous days, the idea behind the day is to allow for plenty of “you” time and peace and quiet away from your otherwise busy lives. The setting is very tranquil in a beautiful little village so there really will be a sense of getting away from it all. We also have exclusive use of the venue so it will provide a lovely setting for some rest and rejuvenation.

Cost of the day:

Early bird price (until 16 September 2018): £45

Standard price: £50

Please note that places are limited to a maximum of 27 people to ensure that everyone is comfortable in the room. This number has been tried and tested within the room now. Please scroll down for how to book.

What to bring:

  • A yoga mat – please bring your own yoga mat. I have so much to bring with me that I can no longer fit additional yoga mats into my little car. If you need any advice on which yoga mat to get or where to buy one please ask me or read my blog post about buying your first yoga mat.
  • A blanket (to keep nice and warm in relaxation and also to use as a prop during our yin yoga practice)
  • A cushion (just any cushion from your sofa – again to use for comfort in meditation and/or as a prop)
  • Please bring any yoga blocks and/or straps, bolsters, etc. that you may already have. No need to buy any specifically though as I will bring all my props with me
  • An item to place on our altar – so this is optional. If you wish you can bring a small item to place on our altar that will absorb the positive energies and vibrations of the day to take home with you. This could be a crystal, an item of sentimental value, a photo of a loved one or someone who needs healing, an item belonging to someone else who can then benefit from the energies of our day together. There are no rules, just whatever you wish to bring. It is not imperative though – just if you want to!
  • A packed lunch
  • Please bring a mug along for tea/drinks 
  • An open mind, a willing heart and a smile ૐ


The Meadow Room,

The Street, Cobham, Kent

DA12 3BZ

If you zoom in on the map below it gives a really clear description of the locality.

It is about 15/20 minutes drive from Dartford and very easy to find – just have a quick look at Google Maps beforehand but I found it no problem at all and I am not a great lover of driving!

Parking: We are very lucky as there is ample parking right next to the hall – enough for over 30 cars.

To book your space on this retreat day please contact me by email: or in person in class.

How to book:

Please note that your place is only booked with payment. You can pay by cash or by bank transfer (please contact me for details).

Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions of your booking. These are important to read particularly in the event that you should have to cancel your booking.

I look forward to sharing this special day with you all. Namaste ૐ