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  1. Hi Emma,
    Just a quick mail to let you know how very much we enjoyed our first yoga class on Monday….(even though less flexible hubby was puffing and panting a bit) lol…
    We found it was a breath of fresh air and look forward to the next class in three weeks.Not sure Rick can come because of his shifts but I will be there so would be grateful if you could please book me in.
    We look forward to becoming more flexible and relaxed and hopefully more toned as time goes on !!
    Enjoy your holiday !
    Kind regards
    Cathryn(Po) and Rick…..

    1. Thanks for your message Po and so pleased you both enjoyed it ☺ I will book you in for 14th. You can always check back nearer the time if Rick’s shifts work out and he wants to come. I thought you both did really well. As it is a busy class space is restricted so you both coped very well for it being your first time. See you in a few weeks. Emma x

      1. Hi Emma,
        Just a quick mail to say that I am so sorry I never made it on the 14th but I was super poorly and it clean went out of my head to cancel and then we were away for 10 days so I was organizing that but I would very much like to book us both in for the next two Mondays from next Monday please.I have been doing lots of reading up and have bought a few dvds which I have done a couple of times and really really cannot believe how great I feel after a session !!
        So we look forward to seeing you on 4th September.
        Thankyou Po and Rick x

    1. Hi Louise, yes, I have booked you in for 14th. Any change of plan just let me know as soon as you can. Thanks, Emma

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