Zoom Class Recordings

I started recording my Zoom classes from the start of July 2021. These are available to purchase at a cost of £5 each and you will receive a private link to the recording via YouTube. These are not listed publicly on my YouTube, I am just using the platform to host the videos. Please note these are a recording of my screen taken during a live Zoom class so the quality is the same as you see during class. Please click here for more information.  If you would like access to any of these class recordings please contact me at emma@samadhi-yoga.co.uk. Please note that each class is different, even if the theme is the same, the sequence of postures in each session will be different and each video is approximately 60 minutes long.

*Remember, if you attended the class “live” via Zoom then you can request to receive the link to that class for free (included in the class cost). Just message me and I will send it to you.

Classes currently available 

  • Slowing Down – Being with the Breath (July)
  • Ahimsa – Cultivating Self-Compassion (July)
  • Lunar Practice – Full Moon (July)
  • Embracing the Sacral Chakra (July)
  • Lammas & Gratitude (August)
  • Easing out the Shoulders  (August)
  • Releasing Tight Hamstrings (August)
  • Relax – End of Summer Vibe (August)
  • Detox Sequence – Focus on Digestion (September)
  • New Moon Energy – Setting Intentions (September)
  • Autumn Equinox – Embracing Change (September)
  • Shift your Perspective – Focus on Inversions (September)
  • Creating Ease around the Hips  (October)
  • Mood-Boosting Yoga Practice (October)
  • Full Moon Lunar Practice (October)
  • Samhain – Welcoming Inner Stillness (October)
  • Yoga & Stress Awareness (November)
  • A Balanced Practice (November)
  • Thanksgiving – Gratitude  (November)