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There are just so many benefits of doing yoga for pre-teens/teenagers: flexibility, balance, co-ordination, relaxation, concentration, well-being, confidence, the list is endless particularly at a time in their lives when they are facing the many and varied challenges of school work, extra-curricular activities, social pressures and emerging hormones. Yoga can be a great outlet for helping teenagers to learn to relax, relieve stress and find a place of calm within as well as being a chance to get in touch with their bodies.

*Please note that for teenagers completing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards that Yoga falls within the Physical category and I am more than happy to sign off forms for those students attending my classes for the requisite length of time. I currently have a handful of teenagers attending my classes for their Bronze Awards.

I currently offer three opportunities for pre-teens/teenagers aged 11-17 years to come along to my evening classes that I run at Beckets Sports Centre in Dartford on Monday evenings from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, Thursdays from 6.00pm to 7.00pm and on Friday evenings from 7.00pm to 8.00pm. While primarily aimed at adults I am happy for pre-teens/teens within this age bracket to come along with their parents or a responsible adult so they can also enjoy the benefits of yoga at a cost of just £4. Teens ages 14 years + are welcome to come unaccompanied if they wish and if they have okayed this with their parents (N.B. I am fully insured and qualified to teach children although do bear in mind this is an adult class). Any questions please do feel free to contact me.

Z - R and L YOGA

*For details of these (and other) classes please click here

[Please note that I do also run a “men only” yoga class on a Monday evening starting at 8.40pm which teenage boys (13 years+) are welcome to attend but obviously do bear in mind that it is a later start and doesn’t finish until 9.35pm.]

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