Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga

Me at 40 weeks pregnant with my second child and with my daughter Emilie (4 years old here – she is now 14!!).

I am a fully qualified Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga teacher as well as being qualified to teach Parent (Mum) & Baby Yoga having undertaken and completed additional training in all of these disciplines.

Yoga in pregnancy is a wonderful gift both for mother and baby. I did yoga throughout both my pregnancies and it really was a wonderful experience and I firmly believe contributed significantly towards me managing eight hours without any pain relief whatsoever during my first labour and also getting straight back into my pre-pregnancy jeans! Obviously getting back into my jeans was not the main aim of doing yoga at the time but it was certainly a bonus, made me feel good and I felt physically healthy and in a good place emotionally to cope with a new-born.

At a time when you are literally experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions with hormones surging through your body constantly not to mention any pregnancy related aches and pains you may have, in addition to any anxiety or nervousness you may be feeling regarding the impending birth and/or change of lifestyle, yoga can provide that all too necessary balance and “you” time. Yoga offers you a chance to slow down, to stretch out muscles that are carrying extra weight, to strengthen your body and prepare it for labour, to connect to your breath and calm your emotions and of course to relax. There is simply nothing better than yoga in pregnancy.

Group Classes

In terms of opportunities for yoga with me when pregnant you are welcome to join any of my general classes as long as you are in good general health and not suffering any serious pregnancy related complications. The general consensus is not to take up any new form of exercise within the first trimester of a pregnancy so if you have never done yoga before then I would certainly wait until you have reached the second trimester and have okayed it with your GP or health professional. In addition, at around 14 weeks a pregnancy is considered to be more established and you may find you have more energy and any morning sickness you may have had may start to ease off which may make you feel more inclined to do yoga.

I regularly (and currently) have pregnant ladies in my general classes and I always tell them that the most important thing is to listen to their bodies and to how they are feeling during the postures. This is particularly relevant as hormonal changes during pregnancy mean that ligaments and tendons may soften making you flexible beyond your normal range of movement so you would need to be careful not to overstretch or hyperextend through the joints.

While there are certain postures that would be contraindicated at various stages of pregnancy it is entirely possible for me to modify postures or offer suitable alternatives within a general class and I am more than happy to do so to enable you to take part fully and have been doing so thus far with the pregnant ladies in my classes at present.

If you have any further questions please do feel free to contact me. And if you do decide you would like to come along to one of my general classes please do contact me in advance to let me know, just so I can ensure to cater for your needs.


Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnancy Yoga


  1. Hiya
    I’d be really interested in joining your new Thursday classes I’m currently 13weeks pregnant do you think this class will be suitable ? I have practised yoga before, my husband would also like tonjoin and he is a beginner.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Suzy, thanks for your message. 13 weeks pregnant is fine to join my general classes. I have a lot of experience of keeping pregnant ladies safe in my classes and can modify any postures as need be. Beginners always welcome too! First class is next Thursday 21st, Emma

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