Hatha Yoga

Please note that all my weekly classes are currently operating via Zoom only. Please see my Classes page for upcoming classes.

What to expect from my Hatha Yoga classes?

I try to keep all my classes fun, friendly and lighthearted. As I can often have a wide range of abilities within each class I make sure to offer options or modifications within each posture so that people can work at their own pace and within their own ability.

In our Hatha Yoga practice we open with a calming breath focus, some seated warm-up postures, a Sun Salutation sequence, standing postures – including Yoga Balances and Warrior Postures, seated and supine postures and time for a guided meditation during Savasana, or relaxation. We focus on building strength, restoring flexibility, connecting with our breathing, time for relaxation all while keeping our minds engaged in the present moment. We hold postures for a number of breaths to encourage focus and concentration and all together it creates a kind of moving meditation. The controlled pace of a Hatha Class makes it suitable for all abilities.