Mindful Yin Yoga

For Poster

My Mindful Yin Yoga class takes place on Fridays from 10.45am to 11.45am at Europa Gymnastics Centre in Crayford/Dartford borders. Please note I will not be running this class in December 2018 but it will resume in the New Year.

This class differs from my other general adult classes in that we practice more “yin” focused yoga postures. This means that they are led at a gentler pace, held for longer and with much more emphasis on seated and supine postures they are also lower impact. A more yin practice allows you to slow down, unwind and release accumulated tension and we are therefore able to practice mindfulness within the postures themselves, focusing on our breath and staying with our experience of the posture as well as stretching deep into our connective tissue.

This mindful yoga class also allows more time for mindful breathing and meditation than in my usual classes. If you are looking to work on strength and balance in addition to stretching then my general yoga classes would suit you better. We still include breathing and relaxation in my general classes but just make a little more time for it in my mindful yoga class.

This class would suit all levels of ability and experience, from complete beginners to more seasoned yogis wishing to explore a more yin practice. It would also be ideal for people who wish to practice yoga at a slower pace and who are more drawn to the mindful aspects of yoga which might include people suffering with stress, anxiety or depression but equally people with health conditions, injuries or older people who might be looking for a more relaxing physical practice. Having said that you might be in full physical and mental health and simply want to enjoy a more mindful, relaxing practice. Yoga can be adapted to suit all people and by its very nature it is an inclusive, not exclusive, practice.

This class will be charged at the same drop-in rate of £7.00 (£6.00 over 60s) and will also be included within my discounted class-pass offering. Existing students are more than welcome to come along and try it or alternate between classes as they wish. It runs as a drop-in class so no need to book!