Yin Yoga

For Poster

Yin Yoga is led at a much slower and more mindful pace than Hatha Yoga. To read about Yin Yoga in more depth please click here to read an article I wrote about Yin Yoga on my website.

A yin yoga practice focuses primarily on seated and supine and/or prone postures (i.e. laying on your back or your front) and is therefore an incredibly low impact practice. Postures are held for longer than in a Hatha Yoga practice with much more emphasis on deep stretching and release thus focusing more on flexibility. Yin Yoga is not concerned with the strength or balance that is associated with a Hatha Yoga practice – if you want to include building strength or improving balance then my Hatha Yoga classes would be more suitable.

Yin Yoga allows you to slow down, unwind and release accumulated tension in the body and as we hold the postures for longer and resolve to remain still within them we are presented with an opportunity to practice mindfulness by keeping our minds focused on our breath and staying with our experience of the posture as well as stretching deep into our connective tissue.

This class is suitable for all levels of ability and experience, from complete beginners to more seasoned yogis wishing to add Yin Yoga to their practice. It would also be ideal for people who wish to practice yoga at a slower pace and who want to explore a more relaxing yoga practice.

Please note that despite being a gentler practice, my particular Yin Yoga class is not suitable for pregnant ladies. A Yin Yoga class specific to pregnancy would be beneficial but as mine is a general class and with the long holds, often on the belly, on the back or folding forward, this makes it unsuitable during pregnancy. My Hatha Yoga classes would be more suitable as it is easier to adapt to pregnancy.