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Europa Gymnastics Centre:

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Current Classes at Europa Gymnastics Centre

For full details of classes held at Europa Gymnastics Centre as well as prices and up-to-date running schedule (updated weekly) please click here. You do not need to be a member of the Europa Gymnastics Centre to attend my classes as I run them privately within the centre. Please contact me directly for more information rather than the centre itself.

Wednesday 9.30am to 10.30am – this is a Mixed Ability Hatha Yoga class suitable for all levels (including complete beginners) and open to both men and women. Discounted class pass options available and drop-in also possible.

Friday 9.30am to 10.30am – this is a Mixed Ability Hatha Yoga class suitable for all levels (including complete beginners) and open to both men and women. Discounted class pass options available and drop-in also possible.

Friday 10.45am to 11.45am – *NEW FOR 2018* Mindful Yin Yoga Class. Click here for more details!

How to get there

The Europa Gymnastics Centre is located on the Dartford/Crayford borders in Kent and is situated next to a new build housing complex. See below for map and photos of the studio. There is plenty of free parking at the venue, both within a covered parking area under the main building and also outside the building within its own land.

If you are coming via Dartford Road you turn onto Maiden Lane (see map below), go under the railway bridge (road narrows here) and on the other side to the left is the new housing complex and a little further on also to the left is Vimy Way which is the road leading to the Europa Centre. It is a large building set back slightly – there is a big green area in front – but it is clearly visible from Maiden Lane. (For Sat Navs use DA1 4ND)


Europa Centre

Vimy Way (just past Samas Way on the Google Map below – click on the larger map view to see the exact placement of the gymnastics centre)

Off Maiden Lane,

Crayford, Kent.


(Please use DA1 4ND for Sat Navs)
Photos of the studio

The studio I use (Studio Two) is a beautiful large inspirational space and as the whole building was only built a few years ago everything is bright and clean and new feeling. There are mirrors along the length of one wall which is helpful for checking posture and alignment.





  1. I have practiced Hatha yoga for about 30 years but due to certain circumstances haven’t been to a class since last July. I am looking to pick it up again and was wondering if it is possible to drop in to one of your classes if you have the availability.

    1. Hi Margaret, thanks for your message. Of course, you can drop in to any of my classes. I update my schedule here at the start of each week so you can always be sure when classes are running. Look forward to meeting you. Emma

  2. I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis and I am only 42. Could I come along to your Wednesday morning session at Europa. If so, could you tell me some more details please. Thanks Louise

    1. Hi Louise, yes please do come along. All details about my Wednesday morning class are on my website – under Classes and under Europa Gymnastics Centre. If you have any specific questions please do feel free to ask xx

  3. Hello, I am going to try your Mindful Yoga class tomorrow but I don’t have a mat, want to see if I like it first, I have a very busy life and the meditation and basic yoga appeal to me. I am overweight and not very flexible although I have done karate at Europa for the past 4 years which has helped my flexibility and generally improved my fitness. I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

    1. Okay, sounds great Rebecca. I bring mats with me so no problem at all. Martial arts is great for flexibility and focus so you will most likely find the yoga a great complement. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Emma x

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