Class Schedule

Class schedule w/c Monday 16/09/2019

As mentioned in class and on my Autumn Term schedule, there is no men’s yoga class this week as it is my son’s birthday. Men’s yoga resumes next Monday (23rd). Otherwise all classes running as per the schedule below.

  • Drop-in cost is £8 (£7 for over 60s) and £5 for children aged 11-17 years. Please click here for up-to-date details regarding discounted class passes.
  • If you are new to my classes my Newcomers page might be of interest.
  • You can find more details about each class in the drop-down menu under the Classes tab.
  • For information about my teaching Venues please click here and if you would like to have a sample of my classes I do have a humble YouTube channel where you can find a handful of short classes to give you an idea about how I teach.
  • My next Yoga Day Retreat is this Sunday 22nd September.

Class Schedule This Week

Wed 18/09Hatha Yoga9.30am-10.30am
Europa Centre
Thurs 19/09Hatha Yoga6.00pm-7.00pmBecket Sports Centre
Fri 20/09Hatha Yoga9.30am-10.30amEuropa Centre
Fri 20/09Yin Yoga10.45am-11.45amEuropa Centre
Fri 20/09Hatha Yoga7.00pm-8.00pmBecket Sports Centre

Payment terms for all classes

Please note that it is cash payment only for drop-in as I don’t have any facility to accept cards within class. Class passes can be paid for by bank transfer if preferred – please enquire in class for details.