Family Yoga



I had a lot of fun running Parent & Toddler and Children’s Yoga Classes from January to July 2018. I met some wonderful children, tried my best to teach them as much yoga as possible while learning to judge their energy levels and all in all it was a fantastic learning experience.

I have decided, however, not to continue with my children’s yoga classes and just to focus on my adult offering.

Thank you to all the children who took part – I loved meeting them all and sharing my love of yoga with them and hopefully lighting a spark of yoga love within them too.


I have been running occasional Family Yoga Workshops for the last few years (since 2015) all of which have been a lot of fun. I had my latest workshop in November 2018 where we went on an OMazing Journey to India. It was an incredibly fun morning and enjoyed by all who attended. 

You can read about a couple of previous family yoga workshops here and here. You can also watch the video below to see how much fun we have had at our workshops! My Family Yoga Workshops also featured in the Kent My Sporty Story campaign.

I do not have any current plans for a Family Yoga Workshop in 2019 as I am focusing on my adult half and full day yoga retreats for the moment. But if I do decide to run another one I will update my Workshops page. ૐ




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