Class Update – Covid 19

I posted this update on my Facebook page last week but thought I should update here too for those of you who do not use social media.

I just wanted to provide an update regarding the current class situation as more people have been asking me about my return to teaching. There has not yet been any update from either Europa or Beckets with regard to the possibility of teaching again, but I do regrettably have to let my Friday evening students know that I have decided not to return to teaching at Beckets on a Friday evening when the time comes. There would not have been a quick return to teaching at Beckets at present as the studio is relatively small and it would not have been viable to resume classes for quite some time with social distancing measures, etc. in place. However, this extended period away from teaching has given me much time to reflect on my situation moving forward and I have decided that it is time for a change and therefore have decided not to continue teaching in the evenings.

It has been a wonderful 6 years teaching at Beckets, all manner of classes from kids to mixed groups to men’s yoga. Some of you have been with me from the start and others have come and gone but it has been a wonderful time and I have met so many lovely people along the way. I think this is the best time to make this change as when face-to-face yoga classes are eventually able to resume my existing students will be better placed to start over and find another suitable class.

I do still intend to teach my classes at Europa once I get the thumbs up from them. At present they are tentatively restarting their own gymnastics classes but are not yet opening to external hirers. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to resume classes from September.

I am aware that there are a handful of students with class passes for Friday evening who may not be able to use them in the mornings due to work, etc. so of course I will be offering a refund for classes unused. I have a record of these so if Friday evening is your regular class then please do drop me an email me at with your bank details and I will gladly confirm the amount outstanding and proceed with a refund.

If any of my evening class students are able to attend my morning classes instead then of course you would be most welcome there when they resume. I do apologise to my regular Beckets students and really appreciate your loyalty over the years. Namaste.

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