Class Pass Credits

I just wanted to update about existing class passes (for those of you who may not have seen my original post on Facebook).

When I had to stop teaching mid-March I guess I thought my classes would just be on pause for a short while, not realising that over two months later we would still be in the same situation! In reality, at this stage, I have no idea when my venues will be able to open up again and under what circumstances I will be able to teach.

I am aware that quite a few of you have class passes with me that still have anywhere from 1 to 9 classes left on them and I don’t want you to feel I have forgotten this. Obviously they will all remain valid and will be carried over to whenever it is that group classes are able to resume, but in the meantime if you wish to use your remaining “credit” to purchase the yoga classes I have uploaded to my website since lockdown then I am happy for you to do so.

There are currently 11 classes available through my Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga pages and I will continue to add new content as often as I can. If you want to know how many classes/how much credit you have left just drop me a line to and I will let you know the monetary value of those classes that have not been used. If you then want to “purchase” one of the yoga classes that I have filmed just let me know and I will deduct the value from your remaining credit and send you the password for whichever video you choose. Of course, you don’t have to use the remaining classes now if you want to save them for when we return but equally I thought it would be nice to offer the option. 


  1. Thank you Emma – i don’t think i have any monies left on my class pass or at least i’m not sure. Wondering when you think Beckett centre will open again. Missing you classes. 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy, in fact you have 3 classes left so £18 credit 🙂 As Beckets is both a gym and within the grounds of a school I can only imagine it would be one of the last places to open. Added to that is that it is only a relatively small space which is not ideal in the current circumstances. As soon as I have any update myself you can be sure I will update here and on social media. All the best x

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