Be Your Own Guru


Something about turning forty this year is causing me to reflect on where I currently am in my life. I do feel on the whole that I am in a good place. Certainly my life and outlook in general has improved considerably since yoga has taken me over so completely. However, I do feel I am looking inwards even more than usual and I have a strong sense that I want to start my fortieth year free of any of the baggage – emotional or physical – that I’ve acquired over the last four decades.

So I came across this picture and wanted to share it. It feels entirely relevant to me and resonates with me at the moment. It reassures me that in truth all the answers that we seek already lie within. It’s just a case of truly listening to ourselves in quieter moments in order to access the answers that are already there and therefore trusting what we hear. Ultimately we instinctively know what needs doing to change our lives or any situation for the better, we just resist those changes sometimes as they might seem like a hard path.

Change takes work, not always easy, but ultimately worth it for the reward (whatever it might be) that awaits.

Just a thought I wanted to share and which I wanted to put into writing to remind myself too…




  1. I navigate life through my intuitive guidance, which comes from my inner stillness of being quiet. Most people don’t know what it’s like to be quiet, except those short few minutes before falling asleep. Nature helps us to slow down and find that inner stillness, and your inner guru lives in that stillness.
    You have a good heart, and you do know what brings you balance… it’s right there in your quiet waters.
    My blessings to you…

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