Advance Notice: Class Schedule Being Reduced from January 2020

I wanted to give plenty of notice out of courtesy to my regular students and offer my apologies in advance that when we return after Christmas I will be reducing my teaching schedule and removing both my Monday evening men’s yoga class and my Thursday evening mixed yoga class from my weekly schedule. This has not been a decision made lightly, not least on account of having some very dedicated students, but I have been reflecting upon making these changes for quite some time now.

There are two main reasons for making this decision, the first being that for a while now these particular classes have been proving increasingly difficult to balance with the flow of my family life and the commitments I have concerning my children, as many of you may have been aware, and the second being that I am keen to focus my energy on other work endeavours for which I need to reduce my weekly teaching schedule. I have tried my best to maintain a balance with work, family and personal commitments while teaching the classes currently on my schedule for a number of years now but I now feel this change is necessary in order for me to be able to make the changes I need to make in my own life.

Both my men’s yoga and my Thursday evening yoga classes have been running for over 2 years and with many of you having attended these classes consistently over this period I am aware that this may come as disappointing news, in response to which I would like to emphasise just how grateful I have been (and am) for your loyalty and for having met so many lovely dedicated people in both classes.

For my men’s yoga class I understand that the appeal has been having both a separate space in which to explore your yoga practice as well as a later class that has fit in around your work schedule. I am pleased to have been able to hold space for you all to explore your practice, and I am pleased that so many guys have made use of this opportunity over the last 2 and a half years since we started back in March 2017. However, I do know that you are all very capable in your yoga practice and would be in a good position now to join other local classes or even my Friday evening class should the day/time suit. I do hope you will all continue to explore your yoga practice as you have all made so much progress. I have especially loved the camaraderie that has always existed in this class and it has genuinely been a pleasure teaching you all.

I will still have my 7pm Friday evening yoga class on my schedule which all (male and female and all abilities) are welcome to attend should the day/time work for you although I do understand this might not suit everyone so I can only apologise and hope that you manage to find another class/teacher who can offer you a suitable alternative and/or perhaps join me when you can on a Friday (or at my morning classes) or maybe think about attending one of my future workshops.

Please note that these changes will apply from January 2020 and therefore all classes will run as usual for this next half-term which will run from Monday 4th November until Friday 13th December inclusive. There is only one scheduled cancellation to the Thursday evening class on Thursday 14th November which is due to a sixth form open evening at the school. Therefore for most classes this will be a 6 week teaching term and I do hope that you will continue to join me when you can.

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