A word about Class Passes

I have been offering discounted Class Passes ever since I started teaching regular classes six years ago as a way to reward consistent practice and loyalty and also to make it easier on the purse for people to attend more than one class a week should they so wish.

The benefit for me is that it provides a little peace of mind that people intend to come regularly and that they intend to make it part of their weekly routine and because of this I am happy to offer a discount. Since the cost of my class prices increased slightly in April I decided to extend their period of validity a little too.

At present the cost and validity of class passes is as follows:

  • A 5 class pass costs £35 (£30 over 60s) and is valid for 10 teaching weeks.
  • A 10 class pass costs £60 (£55 over 60s) and is valid for 15 teaching weeks.

The expiry date of the pass is written on the class pass that I give you. This period of validity really is quite generous and does allow for flexibility to miss a week or two here and there. With this in mind please be aware that the expiry date that is written on your class pass is the date that the pass expires, after which it is no longer valid. If you do not feel that you can attend 5 or 10 classes within 10 or 15 teaching weeks then it is better to pay on a drop-in basis which is completely fine and may suit you better. It is better to pay on a drop in basis if you are unable to commit to a regular slot than to waste money on a class pass. The saving is only made if you attend regularly.

As I have extended the period of validity already since April please note that passes cannot be used after the date written on your cards. If you lose your place regarding how many classes you have attended please just let me know and I can tell you where you are at as I make a note of attendance each week as I know it can get difficult to keep up. Many people bring their passes to me at the start of class to tick off attendance but equally you can cross it off yourself and just check back with me if you lose count!

I hope this clarifies the idea behind the passes. They are by no means compulsory, just there to help regular students save a little money and to encourage and reward regular attendance.




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