30 Days of Yoga Challenge – Starting 1st November

Many of you will already be aware from my social media posts and/or from our Zoom yoga classes that I have been busy working on filming and editing videos for my 30 Days of Yoga Challenge. It has been a busy few weeks preparing the challenge and for those of you who wish to challenge yourselves I will begin uploading the videos to my YouTube channel from Monday 1st November.

The idea behind this challenge is to encourage people to incorporate yoga into their daily lives. The videos vary in length from 10 minutes up to just under 30 minutes averaging somewhere in the middle so a short enough length to find time within your day, everyday, to roll out your mats, but equally long enough to feel the benefit of your practice.

Every single video has a theme guiding the sequence just like in class and even though I will be releasing the videos each day of November it doesn’t matter if you are unable to start on 1st November if this isn’t a good time for you. The challenge is 30 days of yoga which you can start any day that suits you and in real terms if you miss a day, don’t worry, just pick up where you left off.

I initially thought about filming this challenge so that I could expand and update the content of my YouTube channel as I hadn’t added much new content in a while. Please be aware that while there are some adverts on some of my older videos I do not make any money from my videos at present as you need a LOT more subscribers than I have in order to monetise your channel so this challenge is offered to you completely free in order to share my love and knowledge of yoga with you. I hope you are able to join me and I hope you enjoy it!



  1. Thanks for doing this Emma. I am looking forward to doing this 30 day challenge. I need to get onto the mat more so this will encourage me 🙂 Cindy x

    1. That’s wonderful Carol! First sequence is up already – just 20 minutes so super easy to incorporate into the day xx

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