I moved my yoga classes online in September 2020 due to centre closures and ongoing uncertainties during last year’s pandemic. Classes now take place via Zoom at the discounted rate of £5 per session.

If my class times are not convenient for you, I also have a selection of yoga classes available free of charge via YouTube and others for a small fee via my Online Classes page which has pre-recorded sequences you can use at home at a time convenient to you. Please note I am now also recording my Zoom classes so that even if you can’t make the class at the exact time you can still purchase the recording of that class. This will be £5 and you will receive a link to the recording to watch online. Students attending the class “live” can have the link to the recording of that class for free. Click here for details of how it works and here for a list of available recorded classes.

HALF-TERM BREAK – There will be no class on Wednesday 27th October. I will, however, be teaching on Friday 29th October as usual.

Upcoming Classes

Fri 22/10Hatha Yoga9.30am-10.30amOnline via Zoom
Fri 29/10Hatha Yoga9.30am-10.30amOnline via Zoom
Wed 03/11Hatha Yoga9.30am-10.30amOnline via Zoom
Fri 05/11Hatha Yoga9.30am-10.30amOnline via Zoom
Wed 10/11Hatha Yoga9.30am-10.30amOnline via Zoom
Fri 12/11Hatha Yoga9.30am-10.30amOnline via Zoom

How do Zoom Classes work?

  • I have found teaching via Zoom surprisingly straightforward. People are connecting to Zoom via their phones, tablets and laptops and all devices seem to work well.
  • I will be available online in the Zoom meeting space about 5/10 minutes before the start of each class so if you want to log on a little earlier and get settled  then you are welcome to do so.
  • The cost for each class is £5.00 (by bank transfer please) and if you want to book your space just drop me a message to or via my Facebook page and I will give you my bank details. Please note you can use any remaining class pass credits for this and any subsequent Zoom classes.
  • Once payment is received and your space booked I will send you a link to my “personal meeting room” which has the ID and passcode required for my classes and that’s it. The link remains the same for all classes.
  • If you are new to Zoom you might like to familiarise yourself with it beforehand, check out the website or the app, but I do find it is quite clear to follow. On the day you just need to click on the link and it will take you through to the class meeting space.
  • Please note that if you are new to my classes I will need to ask you about any health conditions that might affect your yoga practice.
  • Existing students please mention any new health concerns at the time of booking.



  1. Hi Claire, I know you contacted me a while back but if you are still interested I will be starting a Friday evening class soon from 7pm to 8pm in Dartford. I will be finalising details/start date, etc. this week so if you are interested then please feel free to check back here for more details in the next week or so.
    All the best, Emma

  2. Hi Hannah, In terms of my classes they are all run as drop-in classes. I have all abilities from complete beginners to yoga teachers so I am sure within this range there is something for you. Best way to know if it would be suitable for you is to come along and try it out and see if you enjoy it All the best, Emma

  3. Hi Emma, I am interested in the sound bath on 14 Dec , may I book a place? I attended one of your yoga days with Karen Howell. She thinks it’s fully booked but your info mentions drop in basis? Thank you for clarifying.
    Vanessa Elliot x

    1. Hi Vanessa, thanks for your message. I have been away on a course all week so apologies for the delay in replying. I think Karen had asked me about the January yoga day which is full and the yoga AND sound bath on 7th December is also full. The soundbath at Europa Centre on Friday 14th is drop in as the studio is such a good size and there wouldn’t be a problem fitting everyone in. Hope this helps! Emma x

  4. Hi Emma, do you think classes will resume in a venue iin person. I get more out of it doing it with others at your much missed classes.

    1. Hi Janice, thanks for your message. I totally understand of course that it’s nice to practise in person but so much has changed for me this last year that it suits me better to continue teaching over Zoom and I think for the majority of those who have been joining me over Zoom since last September. I will continue on Zoom for as long as people are interested to use this medium. I do enjoy it and I can manage to do other work around my teaching so it fits into my own life and commitments much better. I am running a yoga day in September specifically to offer an opportunity to gather in person with those who so wish and will continue to offer yoga days/half-days moving forward but no current plans for in person classes. All the best, Emma

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